My eyes are becoming less desirable

I’m tense. About to leave the coveted 17-35 demographic.

The world, and all its crappy accouterments, will no longer be dancing their jingles and revamping their brand for me.

I have no idea where that leaves me. I have no idea what self-worth will remain when the last tentacle of consumption-temptation is ripped from the dry, desiccated husk that was once my ready-to-consume eyeball. I become of no use to anyone, except perhaps for the odd moment of feedback about readability of phone numbers on life insurance advertising.

So i’m starting a blog. To make marks on a pole, here on my little deserted digital island, so my fading memory may be startled back into life (however momentarily) further down the track.

Me: I’m an atheist, I’m pro-drug, pro-choice.

I’m on treatment, I smoke weed, I play console games, I have cats.

I am also much more than these things. Which is what, given time, I hope to actually show you.


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