Peter Reith knows tantrums

Why does Peter Reith keep coming to mind?

FACTS?! What the fuck is a fact anymore?

When Supreme Commentariat and Expert Opinion status is being bestowed upon any fucking talking head by cash-starved news departments, facts become an unaffordable, unpopular commodity. It’s cheaper to call in sad fucks whose bloated self-interest, self-promotion and unrelenting need to foist their personal ideologies everywhere results in the lowest (no-est) possible appearance fee. These people don’t care about facts.

We’re clearly no longer smart enough to identify editorial content over “reporting” and “balance”, so not only do facts not matter, but they interfere with the ability of broadcasters to cheaply slap together some content and call it investigative debating, panel journalism, a circle-jerk or The Project. Whatever.

Fact are also downright inconvenient: they fuck up the narrative, too, which makes us viewers sad. When our stories don’t make sense, or perfectly reconcile into a tidy bundle of obvious conclusivity. That sort of ambiguity, when for a moment someone not square to camera isn’t telling us exactly where it is at,  makes us flip from The Project or The Drum to Today Tonight. Because outrage pie is more delicious than dry, factual numbers that support a long winded discussion. A discussion with an outcome shaded with a delightful 16.4 million greys and not a simple ruled line (and perhaps some Reithey brow-sweat). We don’t want that.

Why does Peter Reith keep coming to mind?


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